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Selling Medicines Is The Most Unbearable Job

We all know that selling something to somebody is too difficult, as it requires a lot of knowledge about the product, a tremendous persuading ability, honesty, passion and the ability to sell. There was a saying anybody can sale anything but, from this perspective the before mentioned is not true at all. People are so naïve when they discuss about sales (as if) this job is the most relaxed job in this world.

There is another thing which they say i.e. need can be created; for that I would say can you sell a cold, fever, flu medicine to a person who is totally fit and who is not having all this? Definitely not! People are so casual these days that they don’t even think again regarding what they are saying or what they are upto. Anyways, talking about selling medicines; it’s not like something which we are going door to door and selling right? We have to cater the doctors and we have to cater the medical store owners (so that they can keep the medicine on the rack and sell it). Usually people think that medical sales rep are people who are totally dishonest and doesn’t know what honesty is? This is also not true, because if the sales person is dishonest one cannot imagine sales pitching and sales targets to be achieved.

Although commission is a good motivation for everyone (sales or non-sales) but to earn that commission is something not that easy for anybody (sales or non-sales) they have to read the whole medical formula, they work on the skill of sales, how to start a conversation and let the doctor buy it (or medical store owner buy it?) is something totally difficult and close to impossible. To make it even more worst is the time constraint which means that the doctor or the medical store owner will not give the sales rep whole day to persuade him or her, but her will provide few minutes to pitch the idea of medicine selling. Then it comes the medical seminars where the sales reps put their hooding, stands and advertise themselves as the medical company. It is pertinent to mention that during seminars and everything medical sales reps pitch the medical company and not the medicine itself. Because they are known because of the brand name (which is the maker of the medicine). Furthermore, target is not given in terms of how much they can sell, but how much of xyz and abc medicine they can sell, which means that they have to achieve the target of every medicine separately. so fellas! imagine and think twice before you underestimate the medical device sales jobs in Brisbane of a medical sales rep (because then they are not even permanent on the job) if they are unable to sell they are fired then and there.