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Monthly Archive: December 2018

Fun Ways To Get Your Daily Dose Of Cardio

Ever been in a place where you want to shed a few pounds and feel a little lighter without any motivation to go to the gym and renew your membership? It sounds like most of us these days. However, the truth is that many people refuse to go the gym because they easily get bored and uninterested with following the same routine and being in the same environment everyday.

Working out and getting some exercise in can be made fun and interesting so if you’re somebody who is about to throw in the towel on weight loss journey, we highly suggest you don’t as these tips given below will definitely help you get in those hours of cardio that you need.

Spin Classes

If you live in a populated area that’s buzzing with new cafes every week, you are likely to have a fitness center that offers spin classes on a daily basis so check out the fitness centers in your areas to see if you can find a spin class.

Spin classes are usually a great way to burn off some calories and it is also highly motivational and challenging. There is usually an instructor who will guide you with all the moves you do on the spin bike.

You have even pick the level of difficulty and the instructor you want so depending on their class schedule, you can get matched and start classes as soon as possible and kick start your journey to health instead of spending tons of money attending a weight loss clinic Perth.

Explore Nature

If you’ve been a feeling a little stressed and burned out lately thanks to your boss and the files stacking up on your desk, taking up this form of exercise will definitely give you some motivation and also help you relax your mind even though you will be engaging your body in physical activity.

You can try anything from something as simple as going for a light hike or a high intensity run around your neighborhood or the park. Being out in the nature will definitely relax your mind and help you get one step closer to your fitness goals.

Try Yoga

Yoga is not a physical activity that is very high intensity but as a mid week workout that will help you relax those sore muscles and also achieve a better mental state, yoga is ideal as it is great for relaxing your body, mind and soul.

During those weeks when you have a free day in between your leg day and your arm day, you can alternate the workout and try some yoga that will help you relieve pent up stress and achieve a relaxed state.